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A lifetime of experience.

Since we began servicing the Mentor, Ohio area over 25 years ago, Vector has prided itself on providing a professional, trustworthy screenprinting and embroidery service. When Doug Anderson founded the business, he maintained one simple mission statement: making it easy. And through the years, that hasn’t changed. By combining dedication, consistency and a family-oriented team of employees, Vector has established itself as a go-to name servicing the area.

From helping charities and school groups raise money for their organizations to printing thousands of “2016 Cleveland Indians World Series Champions” t-shirts (that they ultimately never needed), Vector’s name has been called when the job needs to be done quickly, efficiently and professionally

As the industry has evolved, so has Vector. No longer simply a screenprinting and embroidery shop, we proudly call ourselves a leader in fundraising endeavors for a myriad of different industries. By allowing school groups, charitable organizations and many others to curate their own product mixes and sell on a personalized, dedicated website, we continue to make it easy for someone to raise money quickly.

Recently purchasing new, high-end screenprinting and embroidery equipment allows us to churn out over 3,000 screenprinted pieces and 300 embroidery pieces a day. Our team of professionals — with a combined 50+ years of experience — take the time to ensure you’re choosing the right products for your fundraiser, as well as delivering a world-class finished product.

We understand that you can go on the Internet and find screenprinted t-shirts inexpensively. We also understand that there are other options to explore when it comes to embroidery. But we’ve built our business from the ground up, establishing trust with every customer we’ve worked with and providing an unmatched level of service. Our core value is making it easy — give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Jacob Derus

Favorite Thing about working at Vector?
Working with family.

Greg Derus

Favorite Thing about working at Vector?
Best boss ever!

Lisa McLaughlin

Favorite Thing about working at Vector?
Teamwork! We all work great together. It’s a great work environment.

Michele Silvis

Favorite Thing about working at Vector?
Family, flexible schedule and a great work environment.

Laura DeMichele

Favorite Thing about working at Vector?
I love the teamwork that we have together, as well as the collaboration we share.

Michelle Derus

Favorite thing about working at Vector?

Working with my family!

A Message from Doug

We make it easy. That’s our motto. It’s been 25 years since we first began screen printing and embroidering, and we’ve stayed open by garnering the trust of our local community and loyal customers. We’re there for you, and we take the stress out of the jobs you need done. A combination of dedication, consistency, easy, family-centric values and trust has kept us open this long, and those things are what will keep us going.
Doug Anderson
Owner - Vector Screenprinting & Embroidery
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